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We pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide. It is why we do what we do. Our team is committed to our patients and community in providing accessible, quality and relational healthcare for everyone. That's why at MyLocalDoc, we have formed a network of experienced and recognised general practice leaders.

The Chief Medical Officer and Advisory Board guides all medical employees through the ever-changing landscape of healthcare technology. With their help our practices will be at the forefront of all the changes in today’s dynamic healthcare industry.

Our Team


We founded MyLocalDoc to give local communities healthcare they trust, from people they know. Our practices are crafted to set a high standard of personal and professional general medicine for the entire family. 

Each clinic combines the best elements from large, corporate GP practices and well-loved and trusted local family practices to build a relationship with happier, more satisfied patients.

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Quality of care is our priority and we have formed our Clinical Advisory Board – a group of experienced leaders in general practice – to support the direction of our practices as we grow.

The Board ensures our organisation is consistently adding value to the GPs in the MyLocalDoc network through professional development, general practice operations, and clinic accreditations. Their wide-reaching expertise means we are building a network of industry-leading practices with industry-leading practitioners at the helm.



Simon Heazlewood

Founding Director

As the Founder and Director of Cornerstone Group, we started MyLocalDoc due to our passion for Healthcare. We carry with us over 20 years of experience in health development, leading construction and development projects of more than $500m. Simon’s strengths in leadership, strategic planning, and his ability to engage and communicate with stakeholders are all valued, as he helps drive the growth of MyLocalDoc. Simon and his family also have a passion for Agriculture and enjoy this on their family farm.

Ben Child

Managing Director

Leading the MyLocalDoc vision, Ben combines 18 years experience in executive leadership and organisational growth to ensure that the vision, mission, culture and goals of MyLocalDoc are delivered. His passion to make a positive impact in peoples lives and the community is what drives Ben’s desire for excellence in everything that MyLocalDoc delivers. Ensuring clinics thrive through quality healthcare from our trusted doctors. Alongside this, Ben is involved with various non profit organisations to help see the world become a better place. Ben enjoys bush walks and family time with his wife and 5 kids.

Jo Whare

Operations Executive

Managing the daily operations of MyLocalDoc, Jo has enjoyed over 20 years experience in the medical industry dedicated to meeting the needs of the doctors, staff and practices she oversees. Jo consistently reaches and exceeds outcomes through the management of high-performing teams and individuals, as well as displaying a commitment to her own professional development and growth. Jo has immense knowledge and a passion to empower teams to pursue quality service for patients. Jo’s fun-loving approach and energy is refreshing in dynamic and fast paced clinic environments.

Ben Wang

IT Manager

Ben has more than 20 years experience in the IT and Engineering field with the last 7 years’ directly involved in the General Practice industry. From managing daily troubleshooting issues to strategic decision making, Ben is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and be in our clinics ensuring IT runs as smoothly as possible. Ben has held senior management positions at several of the large GP Networks in the industry and has overseen growth from Brownfield acquisitions to Greenfield build from an IT perspective. He continues to be passionate about innovation, happy staff and happy doctors. Ben is excited to be a part of the vision and journey that MyLocalDoc brings.

Mariam Tumusiime

Clinic & HR Advisor

Mariam is a vibrant passionate HR professional with over 7 years experience in the healthcare industry. She is passionate on bridging the gap between theoretical frameworks and practical and innovative solutions within the workplace. Through her experience in the health industry she has developed strengths across a number of areas including: recruitment and selection, training and development, service delivery and Medicare. Mariam assists in the smooth transition of acquired clinics (pre/post acquisition) and day to day HR/Operations of the MylocalDoc centres.

Brenda Vonortas

GP Relations 

Brenda is a high-level professional with an extensive background in vocational medical education and training. She specialises in GP recruitment, accreditation, and budget management. Brenda is motivated by achieving stakeholder goals and brings her superior quality and support services to the MyLocalDoc Team. When not supporting the MyLocalDoc team, Brenda enjoys spending time with her husband and little boy with days on the beach, watching Football and lots of picnics in the park. Brenda also enjoys sharing her Italian heritage and teaching her son special family recipes.

Nia Rossana

Head of Digital & Marketing

Nia brings more than 9 years of experience in growth strategy,
digital marketing and innovation to MyLocalDoc. Her marketing and growth strategy experience, combined with design thinking, data and financial analysis gives her the leading-edge to help drive MyLocalDoc’s development. Nia’s experience includes an MBA background in Economics and Psychology, leading and delivering successful end-to-end digital projects for Accenture, Coca-Cola Amatil, Procter & Gamble and Volkswagen Group and delivering digital transformation and marketing projects valued at more than $60m in the 2020/21 FY.

Kevin Osborn

Project Manager

Kevin is a dedicated leader who brings a wealth of experience to the MyLocalDoc team and has managed a suite of disciplines in the Non-For-Profit sector. He is passionate about seeing people thrive in their family and community. Kevin mobilises the vision of MyLocalDoc in each new clinic with the mission, values, and purpose. He also enjoys playing basketball, fishing, boating and time at the beach.


MyLocalDoc was born from the identification of a gap in the delivery of general practice healthcare. Amongst the fragmented GP provider landscape, the founders realised there was no provider who combined the best elements of large corporate GP practices and standalone local clinics.

In bridging this gap, MyLocalDoc envisions that happier, empowered doctors will serve happier, satisfied patients.

Quality of Care & Services

Practice of Choice for Doctors

Patient Care, Conveniently

Accessible and Approachable

Strength of an Established Group

Efficient Administration

Financial Returns

Governance Mechanism

Modern Facilities

Prime Location

Dr. Vern Heazlewood

Chief Impact Officer

Dr. Vern Heazlewood is a respected leader in the field of Medicine and has extensive community involvement. He has played a leading role in the establishment of private colleges, early learning centres, aged care facilities, retirement villages and a charitable foundation. Dr. Vern leads the MyLocalDoc efforts in partnerships and the establishment of international aid, that MyLocalDoc supports and provides.

Markus Koch


From the very beginning of MyLocalDoc, Markus has played a key role in establishing the vision of MyLocalDoc. His drive for excellence is inspiring. As an experienced board member and chief executive with extensive experience in the medical and services industries, Markus is the chairman of the MyLocalDoc Board. Markus loves traveling and living in Melbourne, enjoying great culture and food that it has to offer.

David Swann


A Chief Executive and non-Executive Director with over 25 years experience nationally. David is commercially astute with unique skills in strategic planning and implementation, transformation and change management, performance improvement, infrastructure development and intergovernmental relations.

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