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Survival Intervention Centre in the Philippines

A couple of months ago we partnered with Compassion Australia to establish a Mums and Babies Survival Intervention Centre in the Philippines and we are thrilled to share an update on the progress made thus far. The centre has been successfully developed and can now offer vital support to up to 26 mothers and their babies, ensuring their survival and overall well-being during the crucial first year of life.

Here are some key highlights we received from the recent update:

● Life saving assistance has been provided to 13 mothers and their 13 babies through this survival project

● 7 mothers have been able to breastfeed their babies, significantly reducing the risk of infant malnutrition

● A pregnant mother received essential prenatal support to prepare for the arrival of her new baby

● On average, 5 children per month, who were severely stunted due to malnutrition, are now receiving the necessary nutritional support to recover.

Through the survival project at Good News Child Development Centre, caregivers are able to learn how to make and sell salabat (ginger tea) to help support their families

Meet Theresa and baby boy, Rowa

We also received a heartwarming letter from one of the caregivers, sharing her personal experience. She underwent a caesarean section and was unable to cover the hospital expenses. Fortunately, the survival project stepped in and provided her with the financial support she desperately needed. Since joining the project, she has received hygiene kits and regular medical check-ups for her baby. Additionally, she has been empowered with knowledge on proper nutrition through exclusive breastfeeding, and has learned how to make salabat (ginger tea) to generate income for her family. She expresses immense gratitude for being a part of this life-changing project.

The impact this program has achieved so far is truly inspiring, and we remain committed to partnering with Compassion in making a lasting difference in the lives of these vulnerable mothers and their precious babies. With ongoing support and collaboration, we can all continue to create a brighter future for them.


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