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ELWA Hospital Liberia, Malnutrition Clinic Update (June 2023)

Did you know that by booking an appointment with our MyLocalDoc practices in QLD, you’re making a difference to the lives of hundreds of children each month in Monrovia, Liberia?

We continue to financially sponsor 5 nurses to provide clinical care to the hundreds of children that come through their malnutrition clinic each month. Just in the month of June, the number of children treated in the inpatient feeding unit reached 109, which represented a record for ELWA hospital. The staff continue to work at an extremely high level and care with compassion for the children who come through.

The outpatient feeding program treated 132 new patients during the month, 47 male and 85 female.

The program was also able to celebrate 85 children being discharged as cured with no further need of clinical support. Ongoing initiatives are taking place to reduce the numbers of children defaulting from the program.

Baby R

A recent example is Baby R who was brought in from one of the nearby communities. She had been abandoned by members of her family and had no hope of any future care.

Her caregivers did not have the necessary milk and food to care for her. She was found in the community by a local organisation who brought her to ELWA hospital.

They were desperate with no other possible option for care available in the whole city, and no other hospital with the combination of nutritional products, medication and trained personnel.

On Arrival the dedicated nursing team immediately swung into action. She was started on intravenous antibiotics and a supplement we use called ‘F75’, and within 3 hours was on the paediatric ward.

Remarkably, just 3 days later she was able to drink the thicker F100 milk and began to look more lively, able to interact and move around normally. As well as being fed, she was able to meet dozens of other children and mothers in a similar situation and start to improve steadily with more interactions.

Her caregivers realised they were not alone, and before long the whole community realised that there was help and hope available for children who need it the most.


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