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MyLocalDoc Chermside Update

The Chermside Health Hub is the embodiment of our values and aspirations, which is taking shape right in the heart of the northern suburbs of Brisbane, with a step towards a healthier, more connected community.

More than just medical services; it's about creating a hub of health and well-being. From cutting-edge medical facilities to allied health services, a café, pharmacy, pathology, radiology, and range of specialists – every element is designed with the community's needs in mind.

We are stepping through the journey to redefining healthcare in the region with MyLocalDoc bringing personalized and compassionate care. Championing the cause of quality and accessible healthcare that empowers individuals.

At MyLocalDoc, we believe in a healthcare ecosystem that thrives on dignity and unity. The Health Hub will be more than just a building; it's a bridge connecting doctors, patients, and healthcare professionals. It's a hub where personalized care meets advanced medical technologies, fostering a continuum of care that supports individuals throughout their health journey.

Cornerstone Group’s Construction team has been instrumental in shaping the Hub. Their dedication and expertise helping create a space where innovative healthcare solutions and the human touch will merge seamlessly. Thanks to the whole team as we keep taking steps towards our opening later this year.


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